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Existing / New Construction

Basic Construction Services

15 + Years of Experience, High Quality workmanship, Satisfaction Guaranteed


Painting service Residential, commercial and Industrial.
Interior exterior
New constructions
Town homes
Single family homes
Custom homes
Existing residences
Business and warehouse
Factories, offices,
Shopping centers etc.


Sherrock works Residential for new Constructions and Existing.

Termination levels 4 and 5, textures and more.

Basic construction

Basic installations of Carpentry in new Properties.

Cabinets and many Further.

Our features

Why choose nextgen For your services or Need ?


In Nextgen we characterize ourselves For offering an excellent service To the client from the moment of the Procurement until delivery End of the project. Our Objective will always be to offer Our clients one Friendly communication and Transparent.


Attention to detail is a Of the characteristics that us They distinguish as a company. We always use as a guide the Highest quality standards Both in the products that We use as in our work.


We offer certified guarantees in Our painting works under the Prestigious sherwin brand Williams, 5 year certificates, 7 Years and up to 10 years on the product. The warranty applies in different Repaint works, both Residential as commercial. We also offer 90 days warranty in labor in All our projects (certain restrictions apply)

Do you want to know about our other highlights?

Emergency repair services 24 hours a day


Nextgen does not claim to be the More economic company, but If the company that offers you Reliability an excellent Service products of the mas High quality for a price Just than in the great majority Of cases fits the Budget of our Customers.